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Making Car Audio Upgrades accessible to everyone

Using our easy to self-install plug and play wiring integration solutions.

Audio system upgrades don't need to be complicated anymore, contact us to find out more.

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Vehicle Sound Damping

Acoustic and thermal solutions, reduce unwanted heat and road noise.

  • Musway MPK-AUD3D8 Plug&play adapter for Audi Bose Sound System

    Easy Installation

    Our solutions use car-specific OEM connectors to easily connect with both new and older cars. They plug directly into your car and can be easily removed, perfect for new cars on PCP plans.

  • Esx Quantum 10-Ch Bt Dsp Ql810Sp

    Remap your Sound

    Our DSP upgrades remap your vehicle's audio system for greater clarity and richer bass sound by correcting phasing problems caused by the cars interior and less than perfect speaker locations.

  • Expert Aftercare

    We can pre-load our devices with optimal settings for your car on request. (A true plug and play experience), or provide technical support after your purchase to help you hone in on your perfect settings (a service not many offer).

  • Cost Effective

    OEM audio upgrades are an affordable way to upgrade your sound system compared with bespoke installations. Whilst bespoke installations will perform better, they will require irreversible changes to your car's interior.

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Musway DSP Amplifiers

Our most popular product, the Musway range of plug and play DSP amplifiers to suit any vehicle

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