Why choose Tender Sounds

Musway Main Sponsor of EmmaWelcome to Tender Sounds! We are a team of car audio enthusiasts who have been tinkering with car audio systems for over 20 years. Our passion for car audio started like most, with simple systems consisting of a tape or CD player with 6x9 speakers cut into the parcel shelf, and evolved into creating award-winning systems and competing at the European Mobile Media Association (EMMA) competitions. We have a wealth of knowledge on how to get great performance from your car audio system without breaking the bank.

What frustrates us the most is seeing people spend a lot of money on their car audio systems and not getting the results they deserve or desire. We understand that the trends in car audio have been shifting over time and people are now looking for solutions that integrate with their cars' integrated systems. The information is hard to find and that's why we created Tender Sounds, to provide customers with expert advice on what products will work best with their cars and be simple enough for them to install themselves for results that will beat their expectations.

We are very selective in what products we sell, we only sell value for money premium products that we know and trust, Which is why we can offer a two year warranty on all products sold on our website.

Two year warranty  

When it comes to DSPs, we highly recommend using them as they are night and day different to what you will have ever experienced in a car. Tuning them does take time and expertise, which is where we have you covered. Our team can ship your products preloaded with files that are specific to your car and the products you purchase or plan to use. That preloaded file will in most cases be everything you need, in some cases we will provide a safe base file (without time alignment) which will blow you away compared to what you had before. Our service doesn't stop there, we can even help you fine-tune your own car over the phone or through personalized videos.

If you are not comfortable doing the installation yourself, get in touch and we can recommend one of our partnered stores local to you that are expertly trained on using our products.

If you're asking yourself 'where should I begin', send us a message with your VIN number, make, and model, and we will verify what your vehicle came with from the factory and what you need to make it work and sound great.

We believe that everyone deserves to experience premium sound whilst getting exceptional value for their money. Thank you for taking the time to read our about us page, and we look forward to helping you achieve your car audio dreams!